Regional Integration and AGOA: A Conversation with the African Development Bank’s Moono Mupotola

At a recent Brookings event on the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) Moono Mupotola, division manager on regional integration and trade at the African Development Bank, joined experts to discuss recommendations for this important piece of trade legislation.

Afterwards, Moono joined me in a conversation further exploring how AGOA and regional integration on the continent fit together. Regional integration is important not only for trade and enhancing regional and global value chains, but also for increasing investment in infrastructure and creating networks for power. As African heads of state descend on Washington this week and as Congress considers AGOA’s renewal, now is the time to reflect on the successes of regional integration and carve a path forward.

Moono explores how  regional integration will fit into the discussions at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit:

Moono offers recommendations for the renewal of the African Growth and Opportunity Act:

Moono advises that the United States not follow the European Economic Partnership Agreements model:

Moono is optimistic around the progress of the Continental Free Trade Area: