Q&A on Alberto Gonzalez’s Resignation

August 27, 2007

[Mr. Alberto Gonzalez] probably worked well for this administration, doesn’t appear to be forced out. So, the sense of loyalty the Bush’s have always prided themselves on is still in place. I don’t think by not forcing him out that he’s offended Hispanic Americans, probably quite the contrary. It’s clear that I think Mr. Gonzalez feels that the future wasn’t going look any better then the immediate past, in terms of being attorney general. There is clearly a moral problem in the department that presumably could be corrected with a new attorney general. And so, it works out pretty well for the administration, if indeed anything these days does. I don’t think it ends Mr. Gonzalez’s problems with the Congress, but that is something that possibly is going to the Supreme Court anyways. The same propositions we had with Harriet Meyers and Karl Rove where the president has said that executive privilege extends beyond their life in the administration. If congress chooses to make that an issue I think it will have to be decided in the courts.

Stephen Hess
Q&A on Alberto Gonzalez’s Resignation
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I don’t see anybody that is an immediate loser given what has happened all summer with Mr. Gonzalez. He clearly had serious problems with this congress and there was no longer any good will what so ever. And so I rather think that’s good news for the congress obviously the Democratic majority there is most interested in 2008, but Gonzalez as a political issue isn’t going to go away and I think they would just as soon go onto other things as well.

Congress comes back from its summer hiatus it’s got a lot of work appropriations bills and other things ahead of it. I think they will figure out away to move beyond Alberto Gonzalez.