Merkin Initiative Partners with Khan Academy for Health care Education

brookings_khan2Today, the Richard Merkin Initiative on Payment Reform and Clinical Leadership at Brookings publicly launched its new partnership with Khan Academy to present a series of free, online education tutorials about the U.S. health care system and current health reform efforts.

Developed by Brookings experts and supported by the Merkin Initiative, the tutorials provide insights on important health care issues, such as health insurance, prescription drugs, delivery of care, and health reform. Here’s a sample:

Health care costs: We all know the US spends a lot on health care, but why are costs so high and what can we do about it? This video explains the reasons why costs have risen so rapidly and various policies proposed to contain costs and improve health care value.

The event, titled “Involving Clinicians in Payment and Delivery Reform: The Role of Social Media and MOOCs,” included a series of panel discussions with national leaders in physician training, education, policy, media, and research.

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