Live MEDTalk on Congestive Heart Failure, April 16

In a new “MEDTalk” format, the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform presents, on Wednesday, April 16, a live, interactive discussion about treating congestive heart failure and payment reform.

As part of the Merkin Series on Innovations in Care Delivery, “Treating Congestive Heart Failure and the Role of Payment Reform: Lessons from Duke University Health System and the University of Colorado Hospital” is the first of a series of unique learning opportunities that allow participants to interact with experts about advancements in clinical care and how payment reforms can support clinical innovation.

The agenda for the kickoff event includes seven brief “TED-style” talks that will cover the clinical effects of congestive heart failure (CHF), its economic impact on the health system, plus firsthand experiences from Duke and Colorado about their CHF care strategies, and how they used alternative payment models to support these innovations.

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