Latino voters, midterm elections, and the effects of misinformation, and disinformation | The TechTank Podcast

Press conference stand in the U.S. White House. Multiple microphones in front of stand and American flags in background.

Latino voters registered and voted in higher numbers in the 2020 presidential election than in prior years, according to a 2021 report, and recent findings from the Pew Research Center count 34.5 million eligible Latino voters, which is a significant increase since the last midterm elections. The results of the 2022 midterms will have lasting consequences on American politics and policy, making it critical to protect and amplify Latino voices along with the type of information they receive to make credible opinions about potential candidates and their platforms.

Tech Tank co-host, Nicol Turner Lee, spoke with Gabriel Sanchez, a David M. Rubenstein fellow in Governance Studies and faculty at the University of New Mexico, and Nora Benavidez, senior counsel and director of Digital Justice and Civil Rights at Free Press, about the ecosystem of Spanish-language media. The experts discussed how the prevalence of mis- and disinformation can be better identified and mitigated to avoid potential voter suppression efforts impacting Latino voters as the midterm elections near.

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