Introducing the Brookings Centennial Scholar Initiative: A new year, a new approach to scholarship

As Brookings turns 100 and we usher in a new year, the Institution welcomes a new style of scholarship focused on fostering work that is cross-program, inter-disciplinary, international, and intensely focused on impact: The Brookings Centennial Scholar Initiative.  

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At the helm of this new initiative is Bruce Katz, former vice president and co-director of the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings and author of The Metropolitan Revolution. As the inaugural Centennial Scholar, Katz will focus on addressing issues arising from global urbanization and “the new urban order” by working across the Institution with experts from a variety of disciplines, rather than being housed in any one of the five Brookings research programs.

In order to develop solutions to the challenges facing our city-driven century, Katz and his team will work to inform and propel new patterns of urban growth, new forms of urban finance, and new norms of urban governance that are concrete, imaginative, integrated and, ultimately, transferable.

The Centennial Scholar Initiative will also include the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Initiative on Innovation and Placemaking, a new Brookings project dedicated to a cross-disciplinary approach to city-building.

Learn more about the Centennial Scholar Initiative here, and follow Bruce Katz on Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates on his work as a Centennial Scholar.