How Brookings video covered China in 2019

Cheng Li provides welcome remarks for a public event titled "U.S.-China relations: The view from cities and states" at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, on July 29, 2019.
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China is a major global actor; its actions impact every region and every major issue area. In 2019, Brookings produced videos and held events where our experts explored and explained the implications of China’s growing role in the world.  Take a look at our videos covering China from 2019.

Foreign Relations

Global China: Assessing China’s growing role in the world

Brookings experts on China, East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and U.S. foreign policy explain why the United States and its partners around the world need a better understanding of Chinese activities and intentions.

Conflict scenarios with Russia and China

On June 3, Brookings hosted a panel discussion exploring possible conflict scenarios with Russia and China, what tools the United States will need to offset Russian and Chinese strategy and capabilities, and how worried policymakers should be about America’s ability to stand by its vital alliance commitments.

US-China relations: The view from cities and states

On July 29, the John L. Thornton China Center at Brookings hosted a public event to explore the costs, benefits, and impacts of sub-national exchanges between the United States and China.

Global China: Assessing China’s growing role in the world

On May 9, Foreign Policy at Brookings hosted Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) for a discussion on the implications of China’s growing global role for American foreign policy and national security.


China’s payment system: Revolution, evolution, or passing fad?

On June 17, Aaron Klein, fellow in Economic Studies, released a new report detailing how China’s payment system works, what it means, and what lessons the United States can take away.


The role of technology in the US-China trade war

On July 18, the Global Economy and Development program at Brookings and the American Enterprise Institute co-hosted an event to discuss the state of U.S.-China trade relations and the importance of technology to the dispute, to assess U.S. strategy and what might be expected.

Technology and ARTIFICIAL intelligence

Brookings Expert Tom Stefanick on US Artificial Intelligence Race with China

Brookings Fellow Tom Stefanick explains the importance of the artificial intelligence (AI) race with China and why the U.S. “losing” the AI race with China may not be such a bad thing.

How China and the U.S. are advancing artificial intelligence

On March 12, The Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution hosted a discussion on the potential impact of AI on U.S.-China relations, with an eye toward new developments, opportunities, and risks.

The US-China technology relationship in flux

On October 4, the Georgetown University Initiative for U.S.-China Dialogue on Global Issues and Brookings convened a panel of experts from the U.S. and China to discuss the emerging U.S.-China technology relationship.