Happy Independence Day!

I wanted to briefly note a milestone for FixGov blog. This morning, FixGov saw its 1 millionth visit. With almost poetic coincidence, our blog—dedicated to providing insight on how to make American government function more effectively—crossed this milestone on the 4th of July.

Over the past 20 months, we have worked hard to meet the mission of Brookings, and the Center for Effective Public Management by offering high-quality, independent work in a variety of areas of governance (including public opinion, Congress, the presidency, public administration, leadership, the courts, federalism, regulation), multiple policy areas (aviation, agriculture, marijuana, budgeting, gun control, finance, foreign affairs, transportation, education, healthcare), and the day to day battles in politics. We have relied on Brookings scholars and invited outside contributors to help strengthen our analysis and broaden our reach.

By combining top-notch research and working closely with our communications and social media teams, we have gotten the word out on FixGov and your frequent visits, Facebook posts, tweets, Reddit conversations, email shares, and comments have made sure that the debate and discussion around these topics travel far beyond the posting of a blog entry. You have all ensured our first million visits have been engaging and led to robust exchanges. We feel confident people have learned from FixGov over the past year and a half, and it’s important to note we learn from our readers, too. Through online exchanges, email feedback and other communications, we have gained a greater understanding of the topics on which we write.

So, as editor, I want to thank our readers on behalf of my colleagues at FixGov, the Center for Effective Public Management, Governance Studies, and the Brookings Institution for your commitment and your readership to our blog.

Here’s to many million more hits, hundreds of posts, and a continuing conversation about how to make American government work better.

If you raise a glass today, toast American independence. If you have it in you to raise a second glass, toast FixGov’s first million.

Thanks and have a safe holiday!