Getting Ahead: Economic and Social Mobility in America

This volume focuses on social and economic mobility in the United States. Class or family background has a strong effect on individual success, the authors find. They examine the possible reasons for this relationship; how it has changed over the past century; and the role of the economy, the welfare system, and education in opening up opportunities for the less fortunate.

Detailed Table of Contents (PDF)

Chapter 1:
Introduction and Overview (PDF)

Chapter 2:
Leveling the Playing Field

Chapter 3:
Defining Social Justice

Chapter 4:
Moving Up and Down the Economic Ladder

Chapter 5:
Economic Growth and Opportunity

Chapter 6:
Class and Opportunity

Chapter 7:
Opportunity for Low-Wage Workers

Chapter 8:
Education and Opportunity

Chapter 9:
Why Families Matter

Chapter 10:
Policy Implications and a Look at the Future

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