BPEA | 1992 No. 1

Editors’ Summary of the Brookings Papers on Economic Activity – 1992 No 1

1992, No. 1

THIS ISSUE of Brookings Papers on Economic Activity contains papers
and discussions presenteda t the fifty-thirdc onference of the Brookings
Panel on Economic Activity, which was held in Washington, D.C., on
April 2 and 3, 1992. The first paper presents a model of regional economic
performance and uses it to examine the general features of regional
growth and fluctuations, with insights for the U.S. states and the
European Community. The remaining papers and final report of this volume
explore the transition underway in the economies of Eastern Europe
and the former Soviet Union. The second paper explores the process
of stabilization and economic reform in Russia. The third paper
grapples with the elusive question of what shapes the economic behavior
of the people of the ex-communist countries. The fourth paper raises
a number of important questions about new credits scheduled to be
channeled to the countries of the former Soviet bloc through the international
financial institutions. The concluding report of this volume examines
the economic transition in eastern Germany and the obstacles that
lie ahead.