Contrasting Visions: United States, China, and World Order

Allow me to begin by thanking the co-chairmen of today’s session for the opportunity to present my thoughts again before the U.S.-China Security Review Commission. I laud the Commission’s efforts to better understand the complex divergence and convergence in strategic perceptions which characterizes and complicates the U.S.-China security relationship. In an effort to respond to the eight sets of questions you asked me to consider, my remarks this afternoon will be divided three parts, and will draw from the lengthier written testimony I have submitted for the record. The three areas of focus for the presentation today will be:

  • An overview of the fundamental sources which shape the differences in strategic perceptions and worldview between the United States and China.
  • An analysis of how these fundamental views combine with contemporary developments to shape China’s current strategic perceptions of the United States.
  • An assessment of the principal ways these differences in strategic perceptions will play out in U.S.-China security relations.