Brookings Today, 3/3/15

A roundup of some of the content published today at Brookings.

  • Let Girls Learn. Rebecca Winthrop writes that the Let Girls Learn initiative launched today by the White House “will put grassroots solutions front-and-center in the struggle to overcome the challenges to girls’ education around the world.” 
  • Implementing sustainable development goals. Homi Kharas says “it is time to get serious about how to implement the sustainable development goals,” which is the topic of the U.N. finance for development conference in Addis Ababa this June.
  • Health IT. Peter Basch, Christopher Botts, and Mark McClellan look at what should be next for federal health IT policy.
  • A parent’s perspective on autism therapy. Michael O’Hanlon assesses the current state of autism therapy and how much it costs over a child’s lifetime, and the problem of poor health insurance coverage for these costs. 
  • Inequality and education. Jonathan Rothwell wades into the debate over whether inequality has anything to do with education.
  • Shareholders’ voice. Robert Pozen explains why shareholders of publicly traded companies may be getting a stronger voice in who runs the company.