Brookings Today, 2/3/15

A roundup of some of the content published today at Brookings.

  • Why arming the Ukrainians is a bad idea. Jeremy Shapiro dissents from a recent report, the authors of which include Brookings’s Steven Pifer and Strobe Talbott, on recommendations to arm the Ukrainian military.
  • America’s advanced industries. A team of experts in the Metropolitan Policy Program examine the advanced industry sector in America—what it is, where it is, and why it matters.
  • Nine commitments for financing development. In a new paper, Homi Kharas and John McArthur offer top priorities that should be addressed at the financing for development conference in Addis Ababa in July 2015.
  • Lack of government cybersecurity plans. Kevin Desouza and Kena Fedorschak write that “the degree to which each federal agency has implemented cybersecurity initiatives remains unclear.”
  • Jordan’s strategic importance. As Jordan takes part in strikes against Islamic State positions in Syria, Sultan Barakat and Andrew Leber assess its vulnerabilities to regional conflicts and domestic pressures.
  • Diminished local news. Jennifer Lawless and Danny Hayes comment on the demise of local news organizations.
  • Labor proposals in Obama’s budget. Harry Holzer reviews some of the overlooked reforms to make labor market programs “more effective and more beneficial to workers.”