Brookings Today, 1/26/15

A roundup of some of the content published today at Brookings.

  • Greek election results. Douglas Elliott explains why Europe is in for months of turmoil after Sunday’s Greek election results. Thomas Wright lists three consequences of the populist party Syriza’s victory in the election, and analyzes the likelihood of a Greek exit from the Eurozone.
  • Watch our new video on health care spending. Louise Sheiner of the Hutchins Center at Brookings provides a simple explanation of the implication of health spending growth for the sustainability of the federal budget.
  • The Government Reform Series from FixGov. The FixGov blog released the first installment of this new series, which reviews work on government reform, identifies problems in the federal government and offers solutions to get government back in working order. In the post, Elaine Kamarck looks at two works: John DiIulio’s Bring Back the Bureaucrats and Paul Glastris’ and Haley Sweetland Edwards’ “The Big Lobotomy.”
  • Finding privacy in the global cloud. Cameron Kerry discusses the balance between benefits of cloud services, and questions about privacy, confidentiality, security, and control in this TechTank post.
  • How do we avoid a permanent refugee trap in Turkey? Omer Karasapan analyzes how linkages between Turkey and Syria can propel the 1.8 million Syrian refugees in Turkey into mainstream culture, instead of creating a permanent underclass.