Brookings Today, 1/22/15

A roundup of some of the content published today at Brookings.

  • Global Metro Monitor. Explore the latest edition of this report and interactive on the world’s 300 largest metropolitan economies.
  • The American agenda of “top priorities.” Analysis of new Pew data reveals that in addition to partisan agendas, there is an American Agenda of “top priorities” supported by majorities of Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Americans overall. Bill Galston explains why this matters for 2016.
  • What have we learned about poverty in the last 25 years? Lyn Squire examines what we’ve learned about the poor and their well-being, beneficial interventions, and the concept of poverty since the release of the 1990 World Poverty Report.
  • Digital financial inclusion. On the TechTank blog, Ignacio Mas explains why unbundling the regulatory treatment of digital financial services would help competition reach all segments of the business, instead of only serving the interests of the largest telecommunication companies and banks.
  • An annotated bibliography of dynamic scoring. David Wessel and Brendan Mochoruk provide an extensive reading list of recent congressional staff discussions and commentary on the issues surrounding dynamic scoring for their upcoming event, Dynamic Scoring: Now What? on January 26.