Brookings Today, 10/28/14

A roundup of some of the content published today by Brookings.

  • Marijuana midterms. John Hudak and Philip Wallach examine the recreational marijuana legalization initiatives on the ballot in Washington, DC, Oregon, and Alaska.
  • How emerging technology affects law enforcement. Hillary Schaub and Darrell West review a recent event in which FBI Director James Comey explained how technology has transformed law enforcement.
  • Congress may not be able to save disability benefits by 2016. The trust fund that supports disability payments to the disabled is running low. If Congress doesn’t address the issue, over 11 million people eligible for disability benefits will have their funds cut 20 percent. Henry Aaron explains how this problem has arisen and what can be done solve it.
  • Transatlantic relations and security governance. Riccardo Alcaro and Ondrej Ditrych examine how a multipolar world has made the exercise of U.S. power and the U.S.-European partnership for security governance more challenging.
  • Key issues in the Georgia Senate race. Writing for FixGov blog’s midterm elections series, Professor Jamie Carson of the University of Georgia answers questions about the race between David Perdue (R) and Michelle Nunn (D).

Charmaine Crutchfield contributed to this post.