Brookings launches “Brookings Creative Lab” to show the stories behind the research

brookingscreativelab2Today, the Brookings Institution launches “Brookings Creative Lab,” an innovative approach that illuminates Brookings research data with compelling images and storytelling. Led by George Burroughs, creative director in the Office of Communications, Brookings Creative Lab aims to showcase Brookings experts and their research through best-in-class data visualization, graphic, and interactive techniques. “We’re trying to give a face to the numbers,” Burroughs says.

Brookings Creative Lab goes live today with a powerful, first-person look at Baltimore, filmed on location not long after the unrest that gripped parts of the city. Watch below:

The Brookings Creative Lab team has produced many other fascinating multimedia presentations based on Brookings research, including:

Pat Mulroy on Lake Mead, Water Scarcity, and Climate Change

Do Federal Taxes Reduce Income Inequality?

The Origins of ISIS (Islamic State)

“You have to design how you relate the number to the real world,” Burroughs says, “you have to be creative in the way you do that.” Subscribe to Brookings Creative Lab on our new YouTube channel, and also continue to find and watch all videos from Brookings, including of our events, here.