Brookings Experts on Obama’s India Trip and Summit with PM Modi

On Monday, January 26, President Barack Obama will be Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s guest for Republic Day, a first for any U.S. president. The occasion will also mark President Obama’s second visit to India during his presidency, more than any other chief executive.

Brookings experts in the Brookings India Center in New Delhi and The India Project in Washington, D.C. are providing insights and recommendations on a variety of issues in the India-U.S. relationship.

On Thursday, January 22, The India Project hosted an event to preview President Obama’s trip.

The Brookings India Center and The India Project together have produced a briefing book featuring 16 memos written by Brookings experts on: the current state of India-U.S. relations; the crucial geopolitical and geoeconomic issues between the two countries; and a range of other issues on which the two countries are or should be cooperating.

India Project Director Tanvi Madan answers 5 questions about President Obama’s trip to India in a recent opinion piece.

Brookings India recently hosted U.S. Ambassador to India Richard Verma, who delivered his first public remarks as ambassador. Watch below:

Finally, on the eve of the September 2014 summit between Prime Minister Modi and President Obama, Brookings India and The India Project produced a briefing book consisting of 28 memos by leading experts

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