What Brookings experts are saying about the first presidential debate

Composite image of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

The first debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at Hofstra University has concluded. Brookings experts provided live reactions and analysis on this landmark moment in U.S. politics.

Below are many of the tweets and links to commentary from Brookings experts during and after the event. If you’re on Twitter, follow us at @BrookingsInst, or check out this list of Brookings experts who tweeted throughout tonight’s debate.

Read Senior Fellow Elaine Kamarck on why she thinks both candidates exceeded expectations: “In first debate, Clinton goes after the heart of Trump’s candidacy

Governance Studies VP participated in a Facebook Live discussion the morning after the debate:




(Vanessa Williamson really is live tweeting the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debate!)

Read John Hudak’s piece, “Seven important things to look for in the first presidential debate.”

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