Brookings Data Now: Is 40 the Most Unhappy Age?

In this edition of Brookings Data Now: the most unhappy age; Europe’s trade with Russia; American teens working less; most poor students enrolled in worst schools; Las Vegas finishes last.


Approximate age when the low point in happiness occurs

The level of happiness and years of age are plotted on a U-shaped curve; but there are differences among countries and based on circumstances.

$400 billion

Value of European Union trade with Russia

This is half of all Russian trade.


Percent of American teens who worked in 2011

In 2000, 44 percent of American teens worked.


Percent of all poor students enrolled in highest quintile schools

Nearly a third,or 32 percent, of poor students are enrolled in the lowest quintile schools.


Las Vegas’ rank out of 100 metro areas for economic recovery from the recession

In terms of returning to its pre-recession level of economic performance across a range of indicators, the Las Vegas metro area is last, while the Austin metro area is first.

Mingwei Ma contributed to this post.