Brookings Data Now: Health Care Cost Growth = GDP + 1.2 Percent

In this edition of Brookings Data Now: health care costs; mobile money; export nation; trans-Pacific partnership; Indian immigrants.

GDP + 1.2%

Estimated continued growth of health care costs

According to the authors of a new paper presented at the latest Brookings Papers on Economic Activity conference, health care spending will continue to grow at 1.2 percent above real GDP growth for the coming decades. The means that in 20 years, the health care sector will be close to 25 percent of GDP.


Mobile money services worldwide

Learn how mobile money is moving billions of dollars every month in over 70 countries and granting financial inclusion to millions. Also, check out this engaging video about mobile money.


Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA’s rank among U.S. metro areas by export volume

In 2012, the total value of exports from Los Angeles stood at $93.87 billion.

$27.5 trillion

Total GDP of the 12 countries involved in Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations

While the U.S. represents 60% of this figure, it and the other 11 nations involved account for one third of world trade. Learn more about the TPP trade agreement in the context of climate change.


Indian immigrants are the third largest immigrant group in the U.S.

They also make up the largest proportion (64%) of temporary immigrants entering the U.S. on an H-1B visa. (Chinese are #2, Mexicans #1).