Brookings Data Now: Congress Has Met Appropriations Deadline 4 Times since 1974

In this edition of Brookings Data Now: a Los Angeles sized-population of men aren’t working; Congress isn’t meeting its statutory budgeting obligations; the U.S. county with the most EITC claimants; doing business in South Africa; Argentina’s currency crisis.  

10.4 million

Number of men aged 25-54 who aren’t working

Two-thirds say they aren’t looking for jobs. Find out more about them and ideas for what to do about it.    




Number of times Congress has met its annual appropriations deadline since 1974

The 1974 Budget Reform Act covers when the president should send a budget to Congress (early February) and when Congress should finish its appropriations bills (September 30). Learn more about broken budgeting in the U.S.


Percent of taxpayers in Buffalo Co., SD claiming EITC

This is the highest EITC uptake rate in the nation. Find out what the other top counties are, and explore more about EITC in this interactive map.


South Africa’s rank out of 185 countries in ease of doing business

This is according to a World Bank report, cited in an article about how democratic development drives five rising nations: India, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey and Indonesia. 


Approx. value of Argentina’s currency devaluation in the last two weeks

This is the country’s largest devaluation since its 2002 crisis. Learn how Argentina’s problems are unique.

Mingwei Ma contributed to this post.