A Conversation on President Obama’s Meeting with President Xi Jinping of China

In advance of President Obama’s meeting with President Xi Jinping of China later this week in California, Brookings scholars Eswar Prasad, Jeffrey Bader and Cheng Li discuss U.S.-China relations and the top issues on the leaders’ agenda. Topics covered include: the U.S.-China economic and investment relationship, North Korea, cybersecurity, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, internal Chinese politics and politics of the Chinese Communist Party leadership, and China’s currency.

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Jeffrey Bader:

“I think three dominant issues are to be North Korea, to be the economic relationship and its various manifestations bilaterally and multilaterally, and cyber issues.”

Eswar Prasad:

“The traditional flash points between the two countries – the currency issue and trade – have sort of diminished as flash points, and they remain minor irritants in the regime because the U.S. would like China to move forward in its currency appreciation. But the real opportunity lies in the fact the U.S. and China have now a commonality of interest.”

Cheng Li::

“President Xi Jinping has had a honeymoon period during the first several months since last November when he became the top leader in the party, largely because he has enhanced the great expectations across many social-political groups in China.”