4/20 series: A deep dive into marijuana policy in the U.S.

April 20th serves as a holiday, of sorts, for the marijuana legalization activism community. Commentary in media, complemented by public rallies (sometimes in defiance of state laws and/or local ordinances), will draw attention to marijuana and the policies surrounding it.

At FixGov, we are taking the opportunity to engage our readers beginning next week, when greater attention is paid to the topic. Our work in the area of political and governance issues surrounding marijuana has grown since November 2012, and starting Monday April 20, we will begin a multi-part series on the blog.

Blog posts will address a variety of topics including the national level political environment; an examination of state-level systems in Connecticut, Colorado, and Ohio, and an assessment of bureaucratic barriers to cannabis research. We hope to broaden the conversation by focusing on diverse aspects of this burgeoning policy area including the regulation of medical marijuana, cannabis and the culinary arts, and more.

Each day next week, we will engage different topics, and we hope to engage our readers, too. By commenting on posts, engaging us on social media, and continuing the conversation in other outlets, we hope to generate ideas and debate around some critical public policy questions involving marijuana. As always, we welcome your feedback, and happy reading!