Given Turkey’s geopolitical, economic, and historical significance, and the high stakes posed by the foreign policy and domestic issues it faces, Brookings launched the Turkey Project in 2004. The Turkey Project fosters informed public consideration, high‐level private debate, and policy recommendations focusing on developments in Turkey and the direction of its politics, economy, security, and foreign policy.

The Turkey Project, housed within the Center on the United States and Europe, produces a range of independent, policy-relevant publications to encourage informed consideration of Turkey, to highlight the relevance of its governance and security determinations for U.S. foreign policy, and to provide recommendations on how the United States should engage this pivotal country.

Brookings has also collaborated with the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) to establish a U.S.-Turkey Forum at Brookings, designed to create an enduring network for policy dialogue and the distribution of applied research.