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Global Economy and Development

About Global Economy and Development

Founded in 2006, the Global Economy and Development program at Brookings aims to shape the policy debate on how to improve global economic cooperation and fight global poverty and sources of social stress. With a long-term vision of strong, sustainable, and balanced growth for a prosperous world, the program undertakes high-quality research, identifies target audiences and policy opportunities, and shares its findings to inform new policy solutions.

The Global Economy and Development program is led by interim Vice President and Director Homi Kharas, an economist and policy expert who focuses on trends influencing developing countries, including aid to poor countries, the emergence of the middle class, and global governance and the G-20.

Our interdisciplinary team of experts draws on the core strengths of Brookings—authoritative, independent, and nonpartisan research, a depth of practical expertise, and unparalleled convening power—to focus on two main areas:

  • Strengthening the drivers of sustainable growth
  • Leaving no one behind

The program also houses the following centers and projects:

Global Staff

Homi Kharas – Interim Vice President and Director
Jennifer Cohen – Project Coordinator and Assistant to the Vice President and Director

Jacqueline Sharkey – Director of Finance and Operations
Molly Sugrue – Director of Development
Yvonne Thurman-Dogruer – Director of Administration
Merrell Tuck-Primdahl – Director of Communications

Camille May – Web Content and Digital Media Manager
David Batcheck – Communications Manager
Antwan Brown – Finance Coordinator
Sara Coffey – Associate Director, CUE
Christina Golubski – Assistant Director, AGI
Patrick Hannahan – Project Director, CUE
Justine Hufford – Development Officer
Lorenna Maysonet – Center Coordinator, CUE
Sarah Negris-Mamani – Program Coordinator
Aki Nemoto – Assistant Director of Finance
Katherine Portnoy – Communications Manager, CUE
Valeriya Ten – Senior Financial Manager
Emmaline Theobald – Development Coordinator
Lauren Ziegler – Project Director, CUE

Izzy Boggild-Jones – Senior Research Analyst, CUE
Amanda Braga – Project Manager, CUE
Molly Curtiss – Senior Research Analyst, CUE
Meagan Dooley – Research Analyst, DAGI
Dhruv Gandhi –  Research Analyst, AGI
Natalie Geismar – Project Assistant, CUE
Payce Madden – Research Analyst, AGI
Onyeka Nwabunnia – Project Coordinator, CUE
Selen Ozdogan – Research Analyst, DAGI
Ian Seyal – Project Manager and Research Analyst, CUE
Sebastian Strauss – Senior Research Analyst and Coordinator for Strategic Engagements

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