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Yellen’s Uncertainty Index

June 19, 2014, David Wessel

David Wessel focuses on the theme of uncertainty that recurred throughout Janet Yellen's second press conference as the Federal Reserve chair. Wessel says that Yellen's emphasis of uncertainty was a message to financial markets that a little caution would be welcome.

  • Interview | The SAIS Observer

    February 21, 2014, Guillermo Vuletin

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    The financial crisis had its origins in the U.S., the federal reserve has been pumping huge amounts of dollars into the global financial system, which ought to cheapen its value. [But] in times of turmoil, the world wants safety, and the U.S. is still seen as the safest place to invest.

    January 29, 2014, Eswar Prasad, Marketplace
  • Interview | C-SPAN

    December 13, 2013, Donald Kohn and David Wessel

  • Podcast

    Congressional Master Class: The Senate Filibuster, Congress and the Federal Reserve

    December 6, 2013, Sarah A. Binder and Fred Dews

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    When Janet Yellen talks about transparency, she’s talking about the Fed being much more clear about how it will act in the future...When members of Congress talk about transparency and the Fed, they mean something completely different.

    November 14, 2013, Sarah A. Binder, Marketplace
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    "This is an outstanding nomination by the President. I think Janet Yellen is a terrific macroeconomist."

    October 9, 2013, Donald Kohn, Wall Street Journal
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    [While quantitative easing by the Bank of Japan] may have an effect on the exchange rate, it is not the same as outright currency intervention. Moreover, the U.S. would be hard pressed to criticize Japan as the [Federal Reserve] has also resorted to quantitative easing to avoid deflationary pressures.

    January 17, 2013, Mireya Solís, Reuters
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    History will have judged Ben Bernanke to have been an outstanding chairman who did what he had to do under extremely difficult circumstances.

    October 31, 2012, Donald Kohn, Bloomberg
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    The Fed has the power to stimulate the economy. Perhaps that power is somewhat limited, but it can certainly do more than it is currently doing.

    August 1, 2012, Justin Wolfers , Politico
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    My sense is that Republicans will be highly critical of the Fed if it pursues additional stimulus in any form. Venturing into mortgage markets beyond buying mortgage-backed securities seems to be a step too far into fiscal policy for Fed critics.

    July 26, 2012, Sarah A. Binder, Bloomberg Businessweek

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