May 13

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France in an Age of Geopolitical Upheaval

A Statesman's Forum with Laurent Fabius, Foreign Minister of France

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  • Taboos of International Life Are Being Broken

    Laurent Fabius, Foreign Minister of France: We live in dangerous times because the pillars of the international order are increasingly being questioned. Various taboos of international life are being broken, making the world more chaotic.

  • France at Forefront of International Crisis Response

    Laurent Fabius, Foreign Minister of France: France has been on the forefront of international response to crises and challenges over the past two years. But we see each intervention in Africa as another collective failure to build robust African capacities.

  • UN Security Council Increasingly Paralyzed by Mass Atrocity

    Laurent Fabius, Foreign Minister of France: The United Nations is the pillar of global governance, but the UN Security Council is increasingly paralyzed in the face of mass atrocity. We suggested a code of conduct to refrain from using the veto when mass crimes are committed.

  • We Are on the Edge of a Climatic Abyss

    Laurent Fabius, Foreign Minister of France: Our focus on the planet is connected to our very survival. We are on the edge of a climatic abyss. In fact, we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.

  • France Wants a Balanced and Ambitious TTIP Agreement

    Laurent Fabius, Foreign Minister of France: The two preconditions for success of France’s foreign policy strategy are strengthening the transatlantic relationship, especially through an ambitious TTIP agreement, and getting emerging powers, especially China, on board.

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On May 13, the Center on the U.S. and Europe at Brookings hosted French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius for an address on France’s foreign policy and the role of the transatlantic partnership in an increasingly unstable global environment. In his remarks, Foreign Minister Fabius offered perspectives on how France and the United States can work together to address a range of critical challenges, including the crisis with Russia over Ukraine, ongoing conflicts and tension in the Middle East and Africa, paving the way for an agreement on climate change in 2015 and sustaining economic recovery.

Laurent Fabius was appointed as French minister of foreign affairs in 2012. He is the former prime minister of France (1984-1986), and has held positions as the minister for the economy, finance and industry (2000-2002) and president of the National Assembly (1988-1992/2000-2002). The author of six books, Fabius is a specialist in economic and financial issues, European affairs and international relations.

Brookings President Strobe Talbott introduced Minister Fabius. Brookings Fellow Jeremy Shapiro moderated a question and answer session at the conclusion of the minister’s remarks.

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May 13, 2014

1:00 PM - 2:15 PM EDT

Brookings Institution

Falk Auditorium

1775 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.


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