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On-Site Course Options

Contact Program Coordinator, Emily Booker, at (202) 741-6596 or to learn about on-site course options. You can also schedule your efficient and strategic solution to developing your team for an agency-wide impact.

ON-SITE Course Offerings:

ECQ 1: Leading Change

Inspiring Creativity in Organizations

Resilience in Leadership

Strategic Thinking: Driving Long Term Success

Visioning and Leading Change

Flexibility and Decisiveness

ECQ 2: Leading People

Strategies for Conflict Resolution

Leaders Growing Leaders

Creating High Performance Teams

ECQ 3: Results Driven


Leading Innovation and Creating Value

Problem Solving through Critical Thinking

Accountability For Results

Excellent in Customer Service

ECQ 4: Business Acumen


Finance for Nonfinancial Managers

Accountability For Results

Leveraging Technology for Mission Results

ECQ 5: Building Coalitions

Leading Through Influence

The Art and Science of Negotiation

Building Networks and Partnerships

Fundamental Competencies

Ethics in Action: Leading with Integrity

Interpersonal Savvy for Leaders

Motivating People: Engaging Your Workforce

Leading, Learning, and Change


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