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Call for Papers: Conference on Automation, Labor Market Institutions, and the Middle Class

About the Conference

The Future of the Middle Class Initiative at the Brookings Institution brings together the expertise of academic researchers, policy analysts, and policymakers to foster discussion and produce new ideas aimed at increasing the well-being of the middle class. Innovations in artificial intelligence and automation have the potential to fundamentally change the nature and scope of the job market for middle class workers.

The Future of Middle Class Initiative invites researchers to submit original abstracts and research papers for the following theme: “Conference on Automation, Labor Market Institutions, and the Middle Class.” The conference will be held on December 12th in Washington DC at the Brookings Institution.

Papers will be selected by a panel of Future of Middle Class Initiative affiliated scholars. Our goal is to select a minimum of three papers.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to AI\Automation and its impact on or interaction with the labor market institutions important to the middle class such as:

  • Unions and collective bargaining
  • Labor regulation and employment protection
  • Minimum wage policy and wage subsidies
  • Employment contracts

Submission details:

  • Papers or extended abstracts must be submitted to by July 31, 2019.
  • Accepted papers will be notified by August 7.
  • Full drafts of papers will be due by Nov 1.
  • Conference papers will be collected and published on the Brookings website. Authors may then choose to have their papers published in other journals.

Authors of accepted papers will receive a $5,000 honorarium and reimbursement for reasonable travel and accommodations.

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