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EXEC Fellowship

Note: EXEC Fellowship will not run during the 2020-2021 academic year. Please check back for more information in late spring 2021 regarding the future of this program.

Develop new ways of thinking, acting and driving results in WashU at Brookings’s EXEC Fellowship. During the nine-month program, you learn with — and from — a mission-driven cohort that serves as a career-long professional network. The skills you acquire help you become a more-strategic leader. The program’s research-based curriculum is grouped into five four-day sessions. These sessions prepare you to meet the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Executive Core Qualifications for the Senior Executive Service. After you finish your 20 classroom days, you receive WashU at Brookings’s Certificate in Public Leadership.

Admissions requirements

  • Application (GS-level 14 and above only)
  • Up-to-date resume
  • Approximately 300-word statement describing how the fellowship would enhance your career
  • Recommendation from your supervisor
  • Approved and signed training form, with a valid billing address and purchase-order number


  • $14,500

 “I love my job, and I wanted to get better at it. The fellowship kickstarted my ability to achieve strategic and interpersonal goals, which, in turn, is allowing me to deliver the leadership my stakeholders need.” – 2017-18 Executive Fellow

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