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Before moving to "no first use," think about Northeast Asia

July 20, 2016, Jonathan D. Pollack and Richard C. Bush III

As President Obama approaches his final six months in office, senior officials are purportedly deliberating additional policy changes that they believe could be undertaken without congressional approval, including U.S. enunciation of a nuclear “no first use” doctrine. That would bear directly on the credibility of U.S. guarantees to allies in Europe and Asia, with particular relevance in Northeast Asia. 

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    Alliances & partnerships: U.S. commitments in the Asia-Pacific

    July 2016

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    Youth & politics in East Asia

    June 30, 2016, Paul Park, Maeve Whelan-Wuest and Katharine H.S. Moon

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    June 19, 2016, Katharine H.S. Moon

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    How to restore U.S.-Japan relations on Okinawa

    June 15, 2016, Michael E. O'Hanlon | comments

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    In Japan, significant changes have taken place that create a lot of uncertainty for millennials.

    May 25, 2016, Mireya Solís, Bloomberg
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    This is where any responsible U.S. leader and especially the president has to be very careful not only in what he or she says but in what he or she does, because you don’t want to put an ally in that kind of a position. Of course if Mr. Trump threatens the stability of the U.S.-Korea or U.S.-Japan alliance, Japan and Korea will have to recalibrate what is in their best interests vis-à-vis China and the rest of the world, but they don’t want to be put in that position, and the United States certainly—it is not in our interest—to put them in that position.

    May 13, 2016, Katharine H.S. Moon, The Takeaway
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    The president is not going to Hiroshima to apologize, nor do the people of Hiroshima want or expect him to do so. This visit is about the present and the future. [Hiroshima offers] the best platform to highlight the value of U.S. alliances, the perils of nuclear proliferation, and the need for ongoing deterrence against rogue actors.

    May 10, 2016, Mireya Solís, Los Angeles Times
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    President Obama is particularly well suited for this [Hiroshima] trip because of his track record on nuclear nonproliferation. It fits him well.

    May 10, 2016, Mireya Solís, McClatchy

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