The Brookings Cafeteria Podcast: Bruce Katz on the Innovative and Powerful 21st Century Metro

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Bruce Katz on the 21st Century Metro: Innovative, Powerful, and Leading the Country Forward

January 23, 2015, Bruce Katz and Fred Dews

“Cities and metro areas are networks, they are not governments; therefore we need to put them central to the debate of how the country moves forward,” Bruce Katz says in this podcast on the metropolitan revolution—metro areas’ recognition that they are where change does and should happen, especially in an era of congressional gridlock. Katz, vice president and director of the Metropolitan Policy Program, explains that the nation’s 388 metropolitan areas are “the true organic economies”; discusses why metro areas are at the “vanguard of policy innovation”; describes why the traditional federalism pyramid should be flipped to feature cities and metros on top; and offers insights into the new spatial geography of innovation that is spurring production-oriented economic growth.

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