Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) interactive and resources

EITC interactive

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Interactive provides users with access to IRS data on federal individual income tax filers. Information on all tax filers and on filers who claim the EITC are available for all ZIP codes, cities, counties, metropolitan areas, states, state legislative districts, and congressional districts in the United States. Click here to read the user guide (PDF).

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See A Note on Important Changes to EITC Interactive for more information and guidance on working with EITC Interactive data.

EITC commentaries and resources

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Characteristics of the EITC-eligible population

Users can access a wide range of information on the EITC-eligible population through the national profile below, or by downloading detailed data for states, metro areas, and large counties (XLS). Organizations that conduct outreach and education around the federal EITC and/or state versions of the credit can use this information to help inform and tailor their efforts.

These estimates come from Brookings’ MetroTax model, which uses 2014 American Community Survey microdata to model tax units and eligibility for tax policies targeted to low- and moderate-income workers and their families. For more information, see the User Guide (PDF).

More information about archived data and profiles

EITC Interactive data from Tax Years 1997 to 2010 are available upon request by emailing NHolmes@brookings.edu.

To find past information on key characteristics of EITC-eligible taxpayers in your state or metropolitan area download archived profiles and read the profile user guide (PDF)

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