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Brookings Today, 3/6/14

Brookings Today

A roundup of some of the content published today by Brookings.

  • "Finlandization for Ukraine"? In response to an op-ed by Henry Kissinger, Clifford Gaddy says that it's a utopian goal for Ukraine.

  • Is too much presidential power Congress' fault? John Hudak, live tweeting and blogging from CPAC 2014, agrees with Senator Coburn's assessment that the size and power of the executive branch has a lot to do with congressional (in)action.

  • The case of manufacturing hubs. Mark Muro and Scott Andes take a close look at how manufacturing hubs slowly progress despite gridlock in Washington.

  • Nuclear talks in Iran. Geneive Abdo discusses why internal criticism of Rouhani on the nuclear talks is increasing.

  • The long-term fiscal balance is forgotten but not gone. William Gale and Alan Auerbach remind us that current debt-to-GDP rations are the highest in U.S. history after the WWII era.

Mingwei Ma contributed to this post.