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Mexico: Preventing chronic disease through innovative primary care models

Mark B. McClellan and Roberto Tapia Conyer

CASALUD | Mexico (nationwide)

Provider type: Nonprofit organization
Patients served annually: 1.3 million


Mark B. McClellan

Former Brookings Expert

Mark McClellan is a senior fellow and director of the Health Care Innovation and Value Initiative at Brookings. He has written a number of publications on care delivery reform, physician payment reform, and accountable care implementation in the U.S. and abroad.

In 2008, the Carlos Slim Foundation established the CASALUD program to strengthen chronic disease prevention and treatment across Mexico. The name CASALUD is a play on words and is a hybrid of the words casa (house) and salud (health) to reflect the patient-focused nature of the model. CASALUD provides mobile health (mHealth) tools and technical systems to reengineer how primary care is delivered in Seguro Popular primary health clinics. By focusing on prevention and using technology, CASALUD has increased the number of diabetes screenings and improved clinical infrastructure by ensuring drugs and commodities are in stock.


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