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BAMYAN, AFGHANISTAN - NOVEMBER 8, 2021: Tenth-grade pupils attend a lesson at a secondary school for girls. Upon the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban movement (banned in Russia) declared the establishment of its control over the whole country on September 6, a new government formed a day later. Among other reforms, the Taliban have also introduced a number of restrictions concerning education and employment for girls and women. Alexandra Kovalskaya/TASS.No use Russia.

Echidna Global Scholars: Better learning opportunities and life outcomes for girls and young women

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Jennifer O’Donoghue, fellow in the Center for Universal Education and coordinator of the Echidna Global Scholars program at Brookings, talks with the 2021 scholars—the tenth class of Echidna Scholars—about their research on improving learning opportunities and life outcomes for girls and women across the global south.

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Nangyalai Attal

2021 Echidna Global Scholar - Brookings Institution

Senior Policy Specialist - Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority of Afghanistan

Founder - Hode

Tran Thi Ngoc Tran

2021 Echidna Global Scholar - Brookings Institution

Co-founder and Co-Director - For Good Vietnam Network

Co-founder and Managing Director - ProPath Education Group


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