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Onsite Courses

Bring Brookings executive education to your agency

Enact an agency-wide cultural shift by having Brookings Executive Education deliver award-winning curriculum to your people, anywhere in the United States. Every onsite course offers the very same cutting-edge instruction you receive in our classrooms, and allows everyone on your team to learn the same content and experiment together in its application.

“I learn so much from the Brookings courses. These offer insights for life as well as work. Kudos to my agency for making these available.” – Onsite course Participant

To foster alignment of goals and priorities, leadership development managers are recognizing the need to effect change at the organizational level, rather than merely on an individual basis. Onsite course delivery has become a critical alignment tool in many agencies’ arsenals. In addition, many agencies are utilizing onsite courses as an opportunity to provide their high-potential employees with an invaluable credential, Brooking Executive Education’s Certificate in Public Leadership.

An Innovative Way to Stretch Resources

Purchasing Brookings’ courses for onsite delivery eliminates participant travel expenses and substantially lowers your per-attendee cost. Up to 30 people in your organization can attend a single onsite course without ever leaving the agency.

Participants enjoy the same excellent curriculum and faculty as those who take courses at Brookings’ facilities. By eliminating the design time and expense of highly tailored courses, the onsite delivery provides a cost-effective approach to learning and performance improvement. Courses are purchased under Simplified Acquisition Procedures providing you with Just-In-Time solutions to workforce development.

In addition to the leadership and policy courses offered as onsite courses, components of the residential and Women’s Leadership Network programs can also be delivered onsite.

“I’m very impressed with the Training Division for bringing such valuable opportunities to the workforce.” – Onsite Course Participant

Enhance your Program Experience!

Enhance an onsite course experience with pre-program engagement. Prior to the program date you have the option to engage with Brookings faculty to identify agency change initiatives or priorities. This information then will be used to develop agency-specific case studies, allowing you to use classroom instruction to tackle some of your agency’s toughest challenges.

Enhance your onsite program experience with post-program follow-up sessions. Take the program experience to the next level and engage in post-program video follow-up sessions with Brookings faculty to evaluate the status of content application and implementation.

For information on pricing for enhancement options and how you can bring Brookings Executive Education’s award-winning content onsite to your agency contact Program Coordinator, Emily Booker, at

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