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Onsite Courses

Bring Brookings executive education to your agency

Offered to government organizations across the continental United States, these courses create an enterprise-wide culture that supports leading, learning and change. Your employees acquire models, methods and tools to inspire them, streamline your organization and address the nation’s most important challenges.

Onsite classes cover the same content and are taught by the same instructors as the courses held at Brookings Executive Education facilities. Onsite courses are less expensive than customized programming. They eliminate participant travel expenses, saving your organization hundreds of dollars per individual. Onsite courses also lower per-attendee costs substantially, especially if 30 employees (maximum) enroll. You purchase classes using Simplified Acquisition Procedures.


  • Cost-effective, high-impact professional development
  • Research-driven, application-based content
  • Ability to apply course credit toward other offerings
  • Courses can be taught in one- or two-day formats

Brookings Executive Education’s onsite courses can lead to a powerful credential: the Certificate in Public Leadership. In addition, your employees can apply credit hours from certain courses to the Master of Science in Leadership program.

For more information, contact or call 202-797-6276.

“Brookings Executive Education has become the crown jewel in the learning we offer. Onsite courses provide tools employees can implement at their agencies. Equally important, these classes foster a sense that we care about individuals’ professional development and have gone out of our way to give them the best.” – Federal agency program manager for leadership and supervisory development

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