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Develop Mastery

A Master of Science in Leadership (MS-Leadership) degree will prepare you to meet today’s challenges head-on. The curriculum was developed for those who are immersed in the challenges of today’s government. Content focuses on developing the leadership abilities needed to comprehensively frame challenges, work with others to come up with creative and valuable solutions, and then implement them even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Master OPM ECQs

While pursuing the MS-Leadership degree, you will demonstrate your proficiency within each of the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs), a set of competencies necessary for senior government executives called to solve complex agency- and government-wide problems. By the end of the program, our students demonstrate mastery of the federal government’s ECQs.

Demonstrate ROI

As an MS-Leadership student, you will write a short assessment paper for each course taken. Through these individual assignments, you will find and formulate challenges in your workplace, implement tools learned in courses, and reflect on the process. This model for assessment enables you to immediately apply course concepts and grow your leadership capabilities.

Additionally, these papers can also serve as agency documentation of return on investment for course funding and demonstrate that all four levels of the Kirkpatrick Model for training (a standard evaluation approach) are achieved.

To discuss your career goals and the MS-Leadership Specialty Program please contact Manager, Morgan Kaminski, at 202-797-4396 or

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