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Executive Fellowship

Develop new ways of thinking, acting and leading indispensable for senior-level success through Brooking Executive Education’s Executive Fellowship program.

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 “Highly recommended for career development, by far one of the best management programs I have attended in 31 years of government service. You will not be disappointed if you enroll in this program.” –  Executive Fellow

This nine-month interagency experience takes place from October 2018 – June 2019 with five four-day sessions, culminating in the award of Brookings Executive Education’s Certificate in Public Leadership. All courses will be held in Washington D.C. at the Brookings Institution or on Capitol Hill.

This program encapsulates Brookings Executive Education’s research-based, award-winning curriculum into five sessions that prepare senior-level federal managers employees to meet the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Executive Core Qualifications for the Senior Executive Service. The Fellowship also provides the opportunity to develop close relationships with peers across government to grow one’s professional network.

Nine credits from the cohort courses may be applied towards Brookings Executive Education’s Master of Science in Leadership, conferred by the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis.


Applicants must be able to attend all cohort courses (no substitutions allowed). Candidates must have a minimum grade level of GS-14.

Tuition: $14,500.00

Application Deadline: Applications now closed for 2018-2019 cohort.

Applicants must provide:

  • A completed 2018-2019 application form;
  • A detailed current resume;
  • An approximately 300-word statement describing the need for this training, relevance to career goals, and how the Fellowship will be utilized by the applicant’s agency or employer;
  • A supervisor’s recommendation describing the applicant’s executive potential, need for this training and prospects for success;
  • Completed, approved and signed training form including a valid billing address and purchase order number (SF182, DD1556, HHS350 or other approved training form).

This is a competitive selection process.

Course Information:

Critical Thinking and Leading Innovation
October 22-25, 2018
ECQ3: Results Driven

  • Learn how to comprehensively formulate challenges by recognizing biases and how they undermine problem solving. Acquire tools and techniques to foster new ideas and accelerate the pace of innovation within your agency.

Creating Teams and Conflict Resolution
December 10-13, 2018 
ECQ2: Leading People

  • Learn about different types of teams, the stages of group development and the foundational elements of successful teams. Recognize the causes and consequences of conflict and learn to make sound strategic choices in conflict intervention and resolution. Develop a greater awareness of group behavior by studying group dynamics in action.

Maximizing Human Capital & Finance for Nonfinancial Managers
February 4-7, 2019
ECQ4: Business Acumen

  • Develop sound strategies for shaping your agency’s workforce behaviors and address strategic human capital challenges effectively. Examine the link between financial information and program management and learn how to identify trends to meet future budget goals.

Inside Congress
April 8-11, 2019
ECQ1: Leading Change

  • Acquire behind-the-scenes knowledge of Capitol Hill and the legislative process. Engage with current and former members of Congress, congressional staff members, media correspondents, lobbyists, and other key decision-makers. Explore current policy issues and how they affect your agency. Learn to work more effectively with the legislative branch.

Leading Through Influence and Negotiation
June 10-13, 2019
ECQ5: Building Coalitions

  • Explore the foundational frameworks of informal leadership and the behaviors required to exercise influence without formal power ethically and effectively. Learn the psychology and practice of effective negotiation — enhancing the quality and logic of your negotiation agreements and increasing the likelihood of true consensus.

For further information about this program, please contact the Registrar at or 202-797-6276.

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