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Turkey in a new period: Challenges and opportunities

Turkey has experienced major changes domestically, confronted multiple shocks economically, and faced a host of uncertainties in its foreign policy. It faces a mixture of internal and external challenges that will have implications for its political and economic stability, as well as its geopolitical influence in the future.

President Erdogan became Turkey’s first popularly-elected executive president in the June 24 election with vast new powers following a constitutional referendum. The country’s recent financial woes and continued economic uncertainty present it with difficult choices and constraints on the domestic front. Internationally, the recent diplomatic rift with the United States, and Turkey’s increasingly close ties with Russia, present both hard choices and opportunities in the year ahead.  Regionally, Turkey has recalibrated its policy against the background of an ever-changing regional geopolitics and a fragmenting international order.

What is the political and economic outlook for Turkey? What will be the nature of Turkey’s alliance structure and geopolitical identity down the road? How is the government reacting to the fallout from the currency crisis? Where does Turkey’s economic future lie? Which countries is Turkey likely to ally itself with, or compete with, on the international stage?

The Brookings Doha Center invites you to a public policy discussion on October 21 to discuss the significance of the latest domestic and external developments for Turkey’s political and economic future.

IMPORTANT: Due to limited available space, this event requires pre-registration. To reserve a place for yourself and/or a guest, please RSVP with the names of those who wish to attend to Please arrive fifteen minutes before the event’s start time.



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