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Research shows your thinking habits affect how you respond to challenges and opportunities. Negative habits can undermine the success you work so hard to achieve. Examine the seven factors that comprise resilience, four practical skills that make your thinking more flexible and accurate, and five characteristics that define a resilient leader. You also find out how to model resilience. Mentor your people in resilience. And create a workplace where your employees’ resilience can flourish.

 “The course taught me that resiliency is a priceless asset that, once learned, can be continually strengthened through practice. I used resiliency models to help my co-workers feel empowered, manage change and stay the course during challenging times.” – Class participant

OPM Competency: Resilience

Program Benefits:

  • Harness positive thinking and inspire excellence in other individuals
  • Renew your connection to your job and organization
  • Increase your ability to respond to workplace challenges
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