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After more than a decade of war, United States military engagement in the Middle East is coming to an end, while political, security, and economic issues in the region loom large. Stability continues to be a chimera, with Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Iraq’s fragile democracy, Israel-Palestinian conflict, and civil war in Syria all threatening U.S. and international concerns. This course gives you a unique opportunity to hear directly from the people shaping policy at home and abroad.

Audience for this Program

  • Intelligence and military communities
  • Business managers and executives
  • Nonprofit, advocacy, humanitarian and development organizations
  • Political officers at embassies and consulates
  • Anyone heading to the Middle East

Program Benefits:

  • Real understanding of emerging trends in the Middle East
  • Opportunities to interact with regional policymakers
  • New perspectives on how developments in the Middle East can affect your organization
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