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Latin America presents opportunities for government and businesses alike. It is a region with countries that are creating new identities and establishing strategic alliances with partners around the globe. And, while Brazil may be the economic engine in the region, countries like Chile, Colombia, and Peru are becoming increasingly attractive global trade partners. In this new seminar, you will learn about the economic and political changes that represent threats and opportunities for the region’s northern neighbor.

This two-day course gives you a unique opportunity to hear directly from the people shaping policy both at home and abroad.

“This course has done a great job of summing up the cultural, economic, security, and environmental layers of a complex region.” – BEE Course Participant

Course content will cover:

  • South and Central America: A Homogeneous or Divided Hemisphere?
  • Nature of Conflicts and Insecurity
  • The Future of Trade and Investment After the Commodities Boom
  • Energy and Environmental Issues
  • US/ Cuba Policy: Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Security Threats: The Role of the OAS in Strengthening Democracy and the Rule of Law
  • NAFTA at 20
  • Untapped Potential: the Caribbean
  • Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities?
  • Migration Flows, Remittances
  • The Border: Balancing Security With Trade Flows

Program Benefits:

  • Gain an understanding of the significance of the ongoing power shifts for the United States
  • Interact with policymakers, scholars, and business executives
  • Sharpen your analytical skills and learn how your organization might best adapt and respond to these ongoing challenges
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