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North and South America represent the largest and most-important trade blocks in the world. The region has abundant natural resources; energy reserves; and, in most countries, stability. Explore the challenges facing the hemisphere, including the United States’ changing relationships with Venezuela and Cuba.

 “The course provided the big-picture overview I was looking for. Class takeaways help me review our everyday operations in Central and South America.” – Class participant

OPM Competency: External Awareness

Brookings scholars, policymakers, foreign diplomats, and corporate professionals are the types of speakers who will share their insights within this course.

Past speakers for this course include:

  • Diana Villiers Negroponte, Public Policy Fellow, The Woodrow Wilson Center
  • Ted Piccone, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, The Brookings Institution
  • The Hon. Arturo Sarukhan, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Brookings Institution; Former Ambassador, Embassy of Mexico to the United States

Audience for this Program:

  • Intelligence and military communities
  • Business managers and executives
  • Nonprofit, advocacy, humanitarian and development organizations
  • Political officers at embassies and consulates
  • Federal agency employees who have an interest in the region and/or how it relates to US policy
  • Government officials wanting to learn how global issues affect domestic policies and those at their agencies

Program Benefits:

  • Examine migration flows, remittances and immigration
  • Evaluate the future of trade and investment in the hemisphere
  • Discuss how U.S. policy affects the American continents
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