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The global economy continues to expand, increasing the United States’ reliance on new trade agreements and deepening its economic ties in regions across the world. The myriad ways this global economic interdependency is unfolding in Africa—often referred to as the “final frontier”— has caught the attention of policymakers and economic stakeholders alike.

The sub-regional and national interests of African countries, many of which are rich in natural resources, are unlikely to settle for economic models that restrict their development to an agriculture-based economy or to accept economic colonialization that exploits their natural resources. The United States’ national interests on the African continent are broad and include terrorist threats, global health epidemics, food security, humanitarian assistance, rule-of-law initiatives, and security assistance.

These and other emerging challenges demand U.S. policymakers’ attention as they develop future policies and strategies. What role should the United States play in this region? Is AFRICOM helping it to accomplish U.S. strategic interests? How will the United States rebalance toward the Pacific and China’s increased engagement with Africa affect our political, economic, and security interests in this critical region? These and other issues will be addressed in this insightful seminar.

Brookings scholars, policymakers, foreign diplomats, and corporate professionals are the types of speakers who will share their insights within this course.

Audience for this Program:

  • Intelligence and military communities
  • Business managers and executives
  • Nonprofit, advocacy, humanitarian and development organizations
  • Political officers at embassies and consulates
  • Federal agency employees who have an interest in the region and/or how it relates to US policy
  • Government officials wanting to learn how global issues affect domestic policies and those at their agencies

Program Benefits:

  • Gain an understanding of the significance of the ongoing power shifts for the United States
  • Interact with policymakers, scholars, and business executives
  • Sharpen your analytical skills and learn how your organization might best adapt and respond to these ongoing challenges
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