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How can you predict what policies are likely to change? What strategies can you formulate to take advantage of changes? Politics and Policymaking provides a comprehensive understanding of the policymaking process so that you can formulate your approach to engage effectively in agenda setting.

By providing you with a new way to think about policy formulation, this program will prepare you to monitor and analyze political trends so you can better position your organization to anticipate and engage in policy debates.

This class is required for the Certificate in Policy Strategy. This course is part of the Executive Pathways series and is required for the Master of Science in Leadership.

OPM Competencies

  • External Awareness
  • Political Savvy

Program Benefits:

  • Assess the various drivers of change in the political environment
  • Translate stakeholder mandates into achievable programs of action
  • Develop the ability to engage in policy networks to more effectively respond to changes in the political environment
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