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Every organization depends on projects as vehicles for innovation and change. Successful project execution demands not only establishing the project’s value-add proposition, but also effective planning. Successful project execution requires support from multiple stakeholders, who almost always have conflicting interests.

This one-day course provides an introduction to project management and helps leaders effect change in their agencies for long-term success. The morning session establishes what is a project, and what constitutes project success and how to achieve it. It then deals with how to plan a project by dividing it into multiple tasks, and how to produce an effective schedule, first assuming the duration of each task can be accurately predicted, and then considering situations in which task durations are uncertain.

The afternoon session focuses on managing multiple stakeholders; which is highly critical for successful project execution. Participants will learn advanced stakeholder management methods by actively participating in a novel simulation, based on a sophisticated model of stakeholder behavior validated by academics and industry experts, and proven to be a powerful tool for learning by doing.  Participants will also receive an effective framework to help them apply the learned lessons in the real world, resulting in both sustained long-term relationships with key stakeholders, and improved implementation of organizational changes, strategic initiatives, and major projects.

By the end of the course, participants will possess fundamental tools and frameworks, and practice using them so that they can be applied immediately in their agencies.

Program Benefits:

  • Define “projects” and how they apply to government agencies.
  • Understand project success and failure, and the key elements for project success.
  • Learn how to break-down a project into individual tasks, methods for representing task dependencies, and how to produce an effective schedule using the Critical Path Method.
  • Understand project tradeoffs and how to expedite time-critical projects.
  • Learn how to plan for projects with uncertain task durations, how to use the PERT and Monte Carlo simulation methods, and their relative strengths and weaknesses.
  • Acquire an effective stakeholder management framework.
  • Gain practice on using the stakeholder management framework by participating in a novel simulation.
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