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How can you leverage pay, performance management, and other incentives to motivate public employees, especially when facing continued budget constraints? How can you implement personnel reductions smartly, while taking into account current and future needs? This program will help you think and act more strategically when it comes to developing your agency’s most vital resource: people.

Learn how to think about human capital from an enterprise perspective and devise a plan that addresses every aspect of the employment life cycle. This course takes you through best practices of recruitment, retention, development, and reshaping your agency in the face of budget cuts.

This course is part of the Executive Pathways series and is required for the Master of Science in Leadership.

OPM Competency

  • Human capital management

Program Benefits:

  • Recruit, retain, and develop a diverse, engaged workforce
  • Prepare for strategic human capital challenges
  • Develop sound strategies for reshaping your agency’s workforce
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