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Many US government agencies have been coping with the challenges that accompany a generational shift, as Baby Boomers exit the workforce and Millennials and Gen-Zers enter the workforce. This topic has attracted much attention–and prompted much speculation–from the popular press. In this course, we identify a set of evidence-based generational challenges that effective executives should be prepared to overcome.
This course focuses on ways that leaders can overcome the challenges accompanying a generational shift. We consider two different categories of actions. The first category comprises direct, one-on-one interactions that cross generational gaps. The second category includes broader policies and programs that organizations are using to surmount generational challenges. Implementing strategies in each of these categories requires effective executive leadership.

OPM Competencies: Conflict Management, Leveraging Diversity

Program Benefits:

  • Address generational shifts in the workplace from multiple angles.
  • Identify and overcome evidence-based generational challenges.
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