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Where do creative solutions come from, and how can you develop the habits of creative problem solving? How do you overcome barriers to creativity and innovation? Inspiring Creativity in Organizations helps you refresh existing approaches to overcoming roadblocks through the development of new ideas and continuously improved processes.

Leaders who have mastered the skills of creative thinking—and who can foster those skills in others—are positioned to add tremendous value to their organizations.

This course is part of the Executive Pathways series and a required course for the Master of Science in Leadership.

“I always used the terms creativity and innovation interchangeably and found both concepts a bit elusive. By breaking the concepts into problem identification and solution generation, they both seem more attainable. Thank you!” – BEE Course Participant

OPM Competency

  • Creativity and information

Program Benefits:

  • Develop new insights, question conventional approaches, and encourage new ideas
  • Design and lead teams that can implement cutting-edge programs and processes
  • Prototype creative outcomes and utilize skills of improvisation
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